What I’ve learned from the #ALSicebucketchallenge

That the world is small. Like super small.

I couldn’t believe how fast it spread throughout all of my family, friends, and co-workers. People who don’t even know eachother. I kept thinking, this world is a giant network. And see what happens when we “Work like a network”


That sometimes its not about self and it about helping others.


This challenge really showed how important the “network” is offline as well as online was. Ten years ago we wouldn’t have had this platform. But you know what we did have, those chain letters. Still based off the networks and most importantly people.

Technology doesn’t trump people. It amplifies the good, and the bad. Technology is just the mouthpiece for what’s really going on. In our hearts. Minds. And kitchens.

I’ll admit, I was bitter at first. I thought, “Why are people WASTING water, can’t we just donate instead of making it about self promotion” . Kids in Africa don’t have water for weeks. And we donate and build wells for them all the time. And then selfishly I thought, why hasn’t anyone picked me, challenged me? Urgh. I hated that, why I am making it about myself. ITS NOT ABOUT ME. So instead I just donated and kept quiet. Because I didn’t want attention on me. I know there are people in all of my network’s life that have been affected and its so not about US.

And clearly its has worked. They have raised over 20 million dollars just with this campaign, almost over a 1/3 of what they normally raised all last year.

If you haven’t been challenged yet, consider this your challenge. Or just watch this video


Marketers, Trainers, Communications teams — what sort of “challenge” could you incorporate into your programs for change? Now that we’ve learned that

  1. People love competition.
  2. We are very connected, more than we give ourselves credit for, think beyond your four walls of your organization.
  3. Normal people can make videos and not like fancy video, just like raw video from a camera phone.
  4. Create a movement that is personal, tugs on people’s heart.
  5. Social. Everything about this challenge was social. The tweets have broken records.
  6. Keep it simple. This took off because most people could find ice, water, bucket and a camera.
  7. Lurkers matter. People on the sidelines count. I don’t know if all the people who DID the ice bucket challenge ALSO donated, but enough people were watching that the $$ skyrocketed.


So regardless of a persons income level or fame, they still screamed like babies when the ice was dumped on them.


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