This Year – Removing the Noise

Even though we are in the thick of January, I still feel its important to actually write down these goals and share them. Maybe then you can ask me how its going in a few weeks.

When I think about my time and energy and what I want this year to be about, I really want to listen and be interested. That’s probably harder than it sounds knowing the chaos called life. Simply put, I’d love to remove the noise.

Here’s some things I am going to START, STOP and KEEP doing for the next few months.


  • Wake up with an alarm clock. Like a real clock, not my phone. My phone is by my side 100% of the time and I was spending too much screen time before bed and the first second I woke up “catching up” on everything. Needless to say, I want to remove that, physically from my bedside. Seems like a simple, silly thing to do, but if my phone’s not the alarm clock, then I don’t need to be attached to it. I bought one similar to this. The alarm is so loud I jumped out of my skin this morning.
  • Send a simple encouraging note to someone each morning. This one will be hard, but I think after a few days it will become habit. It could come in any form really but just to let someone know I am thinking about them and really care for how they are doing.


  • Listening to music in the car. Now, this might also seem trite but sometimes the endless pop and the advertisements just fill my head with useless noise. My husband really only listens to sports radio, so I’ve learned this from him.  He doesn’t like much of anything on in the car. We were recently on a mini road trip without any music or noise, we actually had to talk to each other. I remember when we first married and I hated riding in the car with him, because he liked it so quiet. Now, I don’t mind. I don’t drive that often right now, but I like to use that time to think and process (AND pay attention!).  


  • Meal Planning – This has saved us time and money. I am not strict by any means. I use Brim Papery’s Meal and Grocery list. This helps cut down on the back and forth of what to eat, having and spending what we actually need to on food, and more opportunity to be intentional about what we eat. If you have any good vegan or vegetarian recipes, let me know!
  • No music while I run. I am not a runner by any means. I ran my first 10K over last Thanksgiving and loved it and will be signing up for another one this year too. But fitness, or running isn’t going to be a goal of mine this year.  I started running without music about a year and half ago. At first, it was so loud. Do you know what I mean? I couldn’t run because my mind was racing and I couldn’t hear myself breathe or concentrate on what I was actually doing. After while, I got used to it, and heard the birds. Or the cars and conversations. When I training for my 10K, I decided to try running with music on one of my longer runs. It was a disaster and I was so distracted by the song playing, my headphones and having my phone (which I am prone to drop) that I had a horrible run. So for me, running without music is another way for me to quiet my mind and think and listen.

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I’ll keep you posted on how this goes, and if there’s anything else I can learn from it. I might add to this in the next few months as well

What about you? Anything you are going to start, stop and keep doing for this year, month or week? I would love to know!

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