Lessons Learned about Workplace Communications – Part III – Workflows & Business Process

Lesson # 3 Workflows and Business Processes matter!

This was an early lesson I learned working with so many companies throughout the years. Many wanted to start something “new” with these collaboration tools. Something different, or outside of their normal. When actually, going back to their business processes would help further the change.

I’d highly recommend partnering with teams and departments willing to embrace and try their business processes with some elements changed, replaced, incorporated with the new set of tools. Instead of starting something new just for the sake of another way to communicate, tack on to an initiative that is already in motion.

If you know me, you know how much I love “tables”, more on that later. But my point here is this, Get a seat at a table that already exist. There may and will be opportunities to create more, new, different, special, tables. But for now. Pull up a chair to one that already is within the walls of your organization.


For example, let’s say your department is project based. How your team, group celebrates wins and discusses lessons learned after each project? Do they conduct post-mortems (if they don’t, they should do some sort of reflection regardless!)? How can you work with technology as a tool to enable knowledge sharing after a project? What would that look like? How does that need to be prepared, facilitated?

This leads me to the next point, with starting small and specific. Notice how I didn’t say to replace all your internal email communication with this shiny new tool. That’s unrealistic for most, and too drastic of a change for the rest. Starting small helps create habits.

If you are on a team, start with a daily round robin of what everyone is working on, weekly share the highs/lows, once a month post a picture of your desk/client/environment and what you are most proud about and what you would like to change/do better. Using examples that tie even closer to the business process, the better.

Finally, celebrate the #WINS! I have learned that its pretty hard to argue with experience. I enjoy Twitter, and I often use my experience to show the power of Twitter and social networking beyond what is stereotyped(Read 140 Characters Changed my life).

It is life changing. It does matter. Working together with our network of people right within our own walls of our organizations could have a huge impact to our clients and employees. Encourage employees to find their own win and start telling their story! The more personal, the more impact!


Did you find that working with teams or departments who are more willing to weave new tools of communication are easier or more difficult to find within organizations? Why do you think so?

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