Lessons Learned about Workplace Communications – Part I

Lesson #1 – “Fill in the blank”

Recently I drew from some of my past experiences to pull together a few lessons I’d learned along the way for a presentation. There’s so many lessons I’ve learned so it was really hard to boil it down to just a few simple ones.


The first lesson learned was how hard it was to fill in the blank to this statement “Change is _____”.

When asking around for people to fill in this blank, what came surprising to me was the different answers. It shouldn’t have been a surprise. I know this. You probably know this.

Some answers I heard were
“Change is….”

  • Constant
  • Simple
  • Complicated
  • Hard
  • Normal
  • Immediate

What I concluded is that change is personal for someone because motivations, fears, passions and desires that they have. People are personal. And because of this, change takes time. I’m sure I learned this a few times over, but change for one person isn’t the same as someone else. And if you are working on encouraging people to change, even if its for the better, you need to meet them where they are and help them along the journey.


For me, change is constant. And if you aren’t changing, you are not improving. But change for me is hard. Its going to take a few wins and experiences to make me change.


In the following posts I’ll share the other lessons learned that helped organizations I’ve worked with and more importantly people change.

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