First new blog post. But not new at all

I imported my old blog, so there’s more here (scroll down and below).

And I’ve literally been blogging since I was 14. Crazy I know, but I’ve always written online. Mostly about my life and what I’ve been learning and experiencing. I just re-read a few posts from my senior year in college. I had just come back from an internship in Germany where I was part of a press conference with the mayor of the city, all in German. I had forgotten about that part of my life, so its nice that its documented somewhere.

I do like to journal and handwrite notes and letters, but its been a while since I have and I feel out of the groove. The keyboard feels more natural. I just need to make time and space for the writing to occur.

But this is new. This feels new. And a bit scary to be honest.  And that’s what I want to do with this website and blog. I want to be honest about what I have learned and experienced. I am sure I will get wrapped up in the SEO and LIKES and comments, views and internet trolls too, but for now I have a lot to share.

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