“Do you hear what I hear?” 2015 -Year of “Listening”

I’ve been on the road lately and talking and working with a variety of customers in every industry and level of maturity around social media and adoption. I’ve been noticing a few trends and things that keep coming up…

We are really good at the push. We have so much content. We have mastered the art of one way communication. Like mastered, no need for more training on that. You get it.

But where I see brands and companies struggling is really, actively listening. Asking another, “Do you hear what I hear?” My guess is no, probably not. We don’t hear what you hear because we are so loud talking about our own stuff, I cant even hear what I should be hearing myself let alone what you are hearing.

So my big bet, my big prediction for 2015 in terms of “social media”?


We need to do more listening. Everyone. As a whole. As people. Its not a business listening to another business (B2B), its people interacting with people, truly hearing what they have to say.

Its also taking the opportunity to say, yes, I’ve heard you. Good. Bag. Ugly. But I’ve heard you.

What does this look like?  Filter the noise. Focus on the person. Remove the jargon. Be interested. 

This doesn’t mean you problem solve everything. This doesn’t mean you have a response for everything. Sometimes just being heard is enough.  And we should let enough be enough.

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