While sitting on the sidelines may be perfectly fine for some people – that is not my attitude about education of new technologies. I want to feel it and touch it and apply the relevancy to my life – my work and my goals. This is the mindset I take into consideration when building training programs. Programs that help to impact the way people work, and work better together.

My goal is to bridge the gaps – no matter what generation or culture.

Past work experiences include:

  • Training Program Manager at Zenefits
  • Director of Education Programs and Services at Hootsuite
  • Global Education Programs Manager for Yammer at Microsoft
  • Training Analyst at First Solar

My focus has always been customers and building programs that keep the learner at the center, whether an executive at a large enterprise or a volunteer at small non-profit, everyone has something to learn about social and technology.

I help to focus business strategies into application that revolves around people.

Previous Projects include:

  • Internal Enterprise Social Network Vision, Strategy, Launch & Trainings
  • Certification Programs
  • Communication Management & Engagement Plans
  • Role Based, Use Case Specific Training Programs
  • Executive Coaching & Training with Social Media (Internal/External Tools)
  • Technology Change Management Plans
  • New Hire Onboarding Programs
  • Account Management Training Programs
  • “University” Style Training Programs – including curriculum, lectures, activities, assessments, projects and final exams
  • Train the Trainer Programs
  • Presentation Skills for Subject Matter Experts
  • Curriculum Development
  • Partner Training Programs and Initiatives

I have a B.A. in Business Administration from the University of Toledo and Masters of Education, Technology and Leadership from The George Washington University.

“Social is in my DNA, it’s not something I just tell people to do, I do it too.” http://microsoftjobsblog.com/a-blog-post-landed-her-a-new-job/